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What you need to know about EVOO


My job has introduced me to many people at every level of the supply chain in the field, from farmers and millers to shopkeepers, large distribution centers and other experts.


What I’ve discovered over the years is that much of the oil on the market is very different from what we think it is.


It’s important to be careful about what you buy, especially when it comes to the cheapest ones. If it only costs 5 euros, there’s a reason for it.


A liter of extra virgin olive oil, made as it should be, costs at least 7 euros to make, from harvest to bottling and shipping. I challenge anyone to find a true extra virgin olive oil that costs anything less.


In Italy, a large part of the oil sold comes from other countries, where they treat inedible oil until it can be legally sold. Often the oil isn’t from olives, but is then cut with olive oil. Some even filter the oil with talcum powder to lower the acidity and add synthetic chlorophyll to make the oil greener.


Olive oil prefers to stay in dark places. If not, its color fades to light yellow. If you see an bottle that isn’t tinted to protect the oil, well, you can draw your own conclusions about its authenticity (unless of course it’s artisanal, local, and recently produced).


This doesn’t mean that you can’t find good olive oil at the supermarket. Unfortunately, it will cost more because it costs more to make. We, nonetheless recommend finding a local farmer registered with the Chamber of Commerce who you can trust.


Us small producers must fight against these fake industrial products. Thanks to our loyal customers because, with your help, we can do it!


​Michele Buondioli

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A bit of history of the Olive Tree


The olive tree is a millennial plant, which has inspired in ancient times as much as in modernity.


It is possible to recover the historical and landscape value even with some good reading, to share with friends.


There are stories that envelop the olive tree and make it immortal.


An olive branch, carried in the beak of a dove, announced to Noah the end of the flood.


Zeus decided to give Athens and the Attiva as a gift to God, who would give this land the most useful gift.


To challenge Athena and Poseidon. Poseidon will supply the horse, Athena the olive tree.


Zeus judges his daughter's goddess as victorious, claiming that the horse is for war while the olive tree is for peace.


These are two stories known to all, which is good to remember when buying a bottle of oil.

ulivo oil organic oliveoil olive

Olio con sapiente arte spremuto
Dal puro frutto degli annosi olivi,
Che cantan -pace! -in lor linguaggio muto
Degli umbri colli pei solenti clivi,
Chiaro assai più liquido cristallo,
fragrante quale oriental unguento,
puro come la fè che nel metallo
concavo t’arde sull’altar d’argento,
le tue rare virtù non furo ignote
alle mense d’Orazio e di Varrone
che non sdegnàr cantarti in loro note…
Gabriele D’Annunzio

Tu, placido, pallido ulivo,      non dare a noi nulla; ma resta! ma cresci.
sicuro e tardivo,      
nel tempo che tace!             ma nutri il lumino soletto
che, dopo, ci brilli sul letto dell’ultima pace!
Giovanni Pascoli
Pure colline chiudevano d’intorno
marina e case; ulivi le vestivano
qua e là disseminati come greggi,
o tenui come il fumo di un casale
che veleggi
la faccia candente del cielo.
Tra macchie di vigneti e di pinete,
petraie si scorgevano
calve e gibbosi dorsi
di collinette […]
Poco s’andava oltre i crinali prossimi
di quei monti…

Eugenio Montale

Cielo azzurro 

campo giallo
monte azzurro
campo giallo 
per la pianura deserta 
sta camminando un olivo 
un solo Olivo
Federico Garcia Lorca

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